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Step into the new era of corporate catering!

Gone are the days of beige sandwiches, soggy crisps and shop

bought cakes, and time to say hello to

gorgeous grazing, beautiful brunches and delicious desserts.


Whether its an away day for your employees with individual picnic boxes , starting the day with brunch boards of pastries and fruits in an early breakfast meeting or brainstorming over platters of delicious hummus and pittas. 

We have something for every eventuality. 



Our Breakfast options include:


Breakfast Bowls

Individual granola, yogurt and fruit bowls.

£5.00 each 


Croissant and jam pot, sugared waffle, mini muffin, melon, strawberries and blueberries.

£5.00 each 

Brunch Boards

Brunch sharing boards loaded with Croissants filled with Serrano ham and Swiss cheese, waffles, chocolate brioche and blueberry muffins. Fresh fruit of watermelon, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries and grapefruit.

£11 pp 


Brunch Tables

Full breakfast grazing tables for 20 people or more


Bespoke themed and  branded boxes

from £8.00


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Our Lunch options include:


Graze Bowls

Individual Graze bowls of mature cheddar and brie, crackers, salami and prosciutto,

fruits and antipasti

£6.00 Each 


Picnic Box

Individual Picnic boxes with ploughman's sandwich, mini pork pie,  sausage roll, fruit, crisps and strawberry and white chocolate blondie

£8.50 Each


Grazing Boards

Grazing boards for 6 or more cheeses including Mature cheddar, red Leicester, stilton, brie and Gouda, cured meats of prosciutto, serrano ham, salami and chorizo. Antipasti including olives, gherkins and sundried tomatoes, seasonal fruits, nuts, crackers and bread.



Hummus Boards

Hummus platters 3 different flavour's of hummus with pittas and flatbreads for dipping


Bespoke themed and  branded boxes

from £8.00



Our dessert options include:

Fresh fruit platters


Brownies and Blondies



Dessert Graze Board

Dessert Graze with Homemade brownies, mini meringues, strawberries, mini doughnuts and chocolate and caramel dipping pots



Please Note: There is a minimum order number of 6 for all our corporate bookings.