We have wanted to introduce new cheeses to our boxes for quite some

time now but we didn't want to change or take anything

away from our original box The Main Graze.

So with that in mind The Graze Box Series has been developed to do just that... bring you new exciting artisan and local cheeses that you will not find in the supermarkets, in the style of a graze box.


Each month will see a new box specially designed around three

 cheeses chosen for their unique flavors and styles.

Each cheese will be paired with complimenting crackers, breads and chutneys,

not forgetting fruits, nuts, charcuterie and antipasti to enhance

flavours and hopefully introduce you to a few exciting cheese pairings.








Our Second box will be available to purchase on  April 22nd , 23rd, 24th and 25th

and we have chosen three more incredible cheeses for our second addition in the graze box series.

All this month’s cheeses have been lovingly selected and paired with delicious charcuterie, fruits, crackers and chutneys to create a unique cheese tasting experience​.


Firstly, we have chosen The Rutland Red a product of the Long Clawson dairy this Red Leicester cheese is matured for 6 months to develop a flaky open texture with a slightly sweet yet deep caramelised flavour and a stunning rich golden amber colour. We have paired this beautiful cheese with poppy seed crackers, smoked salami, olives and sundried tomato's and a smoky tomato chili chutney.


Our second cheese is a classic Snowdonia Black Bomber. The Snowdonia Cheese Company founded in 2001 in Llanworst on the edge of Snowdonia National Park. Black bomber is the company’s flagship cheese, a mature cheddar with a creamy texture and delicious rich flavour. This is a multi-award winning cheese and once you have tried black bomber you will understand why especially when you try it with sea salted crackers, grapes, salty pastrami, pickeld gherkins and a classic apple and plum chutney.


And finally, a classic blue, Blacksticks blue comes from the award-winning Butlers Inglewhite Dairy in Lancashire. This farmhouse blue cheese is golden in colour with distinctive blue veins, creamy in texture and with a distinctive buttery taste. A contemporary cheese that uses the pasteurised milk from the farms pedigree herd and is then matured for 8 weeks to develop a moderate blue in this cheese which is not overpowering and is sure to convert and nonblue cheese lovers. There is one cracker / cheese biscuit that was made for blue cheese and that's the digestive, top with pear and figs, red onion chutney and salty serrano ham and its a winning combination trust us!


Your box will come with tasting notes and pairing suggestions.





A firm favourite here at Fig and Ginger HQ a delicious, if not a slightly unique looking cheese,

its The Mouse House black as coal Charcoal cheddar,

if you haven't tried this cheese it is incredible, A mature cheddar infused with

charcoal to give it an amazing creamy texture.


Second we have selected the Sparkenhoe red Leicester.

The flavor of the cheese is nutty and complex, with deep caramel and liquorice undertones which completely sets this cheese apart from a generic Red Leicester. 


And lastly, this is one for all the stilton and blue cheese haters, The Dovedale blue.

A wonderful blue, soft creamy cheese made at Hartington Creamery, Derbyshire.

This cheese can only be made with milk from within 12miles of the Dovedale valley.

Once described as a cross between Stilton and Brie. 

Your box will come with tasting notes and pairing suggestions. 


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